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  • Enterprise Partnership Consulting
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healthcare Sales

  • Healthcare Sales Training
  • Outreach Services for Healthcare
  • Account Management in Healthcare
  • Sales Strategies for Healthcare SaaS
  • Healthcare Sales Optimization

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  • Medi-Cal 

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The healthcare market is unlike any other market. Methods that work for other B2B markets don't translate well in healthcare.

ZPC understands the nuances of working in the healthcare space and can use these opportunities in your organization's favor. 


Your business serves an important role to your company, clients and the healthcare space. When you succeed, everyone wins. ZPC will help you achieve your goals.


Healthcare regulations can change business strategies. Whether a start-up, mental health and wellness provider, or food as medicine / medically tailored meals provider,  ZPC has your growth strategy covered.


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I worked side by side with Lorraine for the past two years and she is an extremely talented sales leader. Not only does she develop a wonderful rapport with her accounts, she possesses a great marketing mind and an impressive ability to lead a sales team in obtaining their objectives. She is a consummate professional and has an infectious positive energy that directly correlates with her productivity. She is focused, loyal and committed to excellence. I look forward to the possibility of working with her again in the future.
VP Sales
I can confidently attest that Lorraine is an outstanding professional with an unparalleled ability to execute. Her strategic vision, innovative ideas, and adeptness at cultivating lasting client relationships have been fundamental to our team's exceptional achievements. Moreover, her leadership style is both empowering and motivating, creating a harmonious and driven work atmosphere. Her commitment to growth is evident in her continuous pursuit of knowledge and unwavering dedication to delivering positive results.